Present yourself in a professional light with proofreading. Remove common mistakes and increase readability.


We recommend this service for the review of audio transcripts or print and Web publications that are otherwise ready to be published. Usually, these types of documents require little more than an eagle eye review to find typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors that may have been missed in earlier stages of the publication development process. 


Our most requested service, copy editing reviews publication manuscripts for errors while also providing clients with feedback for improving a document's content and style. 

We recommend this service for most drafts. Clients are then free to review and continue working on their drafts with our feedback in mind as they move toward creating a final draft.


Developmental editing provides our clients with the highest level of editorial service and assistance. In addition to copy editing, the developmental edit may include substantive changes to the level of rewriting of entire sections of a manuscript.  

We recommend this service for clients who are new to the writing process and are less confident in their own writing ability. Otherwise, copy editing with appropriate feedback is ideal in most situations.