Foster Access

Foster Access approached Advanced Editorial to help them create a business website to advertise its services online. Foster Access is an accessibility services company. They help businesses make their communications accessible, so that people who are visually impaired or otherwise disabled have the opportunity to access their services. While accessible communications remains fairly niche in the mainstream business world, it is big business for government. Through the making of its website, Advanced Editorial needed to help Foster Access establish itself as a unique contender in a very crowded marketplace.

We began by working with Foster Access to identify its unique selling proposition. After completing a series of exercises with our client, we found the answers we needed to help them create a targeted brand story that explained their unique selling proposition online. We worked with Foster Access to get clear about its services and how they differed from others in the field.

The result for Foster Access was a simple, elegant website that was functional, accessible, and informative--telling the company brand story that they hoped would separate them from the crowd.


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