Do Now Learning

Do Now Learning is an instructional design firm with a focus on history education. While they had previously published a series of two books, they needed help revising those publications, marketing them, and then developing a new card game that reinforced the concepts presented in their books.


Advanced Editorial began working with Do Now Learning by revising their existing publications. We then created a comprehensive marketing strategy that put the Do Now books in front of teachers, homeschooling parents, and academic publishers. We used a creative combination of both online and offline techniques with a focus on developing a teaching and learning community around history education. 


With the marketing of the Do Now publications complete, we further helped Do Now Learning by helping them make their card game a reality. Over the course of several months, we collaborated with a number of graphic designers and illustrators. Eventually, Do Now Learning realized its very first prototype, which included three illustrated decks of cards with branded packaging.


As a result of these efforts, Do Now Learning can reach a new generation of teachers and students with its innovative history games and Do Now learning resources.


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